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What is CShox ?

“CShox” aka Crypto-Shox, consist of 3,690 collection watches that will be released on the Ethereum Blockchain network.

Our users will be able to utilize and customize, interacting with their nft via our mobile application. Holders are granted one time sign-on our contract to submit their own meta-data design for the “Crypto-Shox” collection, which we will handle after uploads. Your watch, Your design!

Self-designing functional NFT Digital Watch Collection that tells real world time and lives on the Ethereum network. Holders can showcase and view their C-SHOX right from the marketplaces or the mobile DApp developed by the team.

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CShox perks

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Dapp Preview

A sneak peak on our CShox Designer Tool to Level Up your CShox.
We have created a mobile app to showcase your CShox which can be used for retail partners redemption as well.

Retail Partners

Redeem these retail perks with our partners! CShox strives to help bring the Web 2 world transition to Web 3 world.

Level up your CShox with these retail brands to enjoy these perks!

Bean Jr NFT

Get 1x drinks every week FREE!

Christy Ng NFT

RM50 discount every month!
(with RM200 purchase)

Opus NFT

FREE 1 night at
Opus KL every month!

Australia Cake house NFT

RM50 off every month!

Beaubelle NFT

RM100 off any facial treatment every month!

Free 1 night stay looking at Mt Kinabalu monthly!

RM50 discount every month!
(with RM200 purchase)

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Media releases

Media releases


What are the long term plans of Echelon Cipher?2022-06-29T01:57:21+08:00

We’re a dedicated team of design, tech & watch enthusiasts that want to bring about a finesse NFT Digital Watch Collection and collaborate with some of the biggest well-known watch brands in the world. The near future goal is to reward the believers and holders in a magnificent manner which will blow their minds [our little secret for now 😉 ]. Echelon Cipher intends to build and maintain a good relationship with our community members and continue to craft immortal time-pieces.

Can my CShox be used in the Metaverse?2022-06-29T01:57:03+08:00

Not for this first genesis collection. Our near future plan is to create a Metaverse Collection by partnering with an “Ecosystem Provider” and working closely with them to make this a reality.

What is the re-sale royalty % in Secondary Markets?2022-06-29T01:56:49+08:00

All re-sale CShox’s sold will have a 7.5% Royalty fee 

What can I do with my CShox digital watch?2022-06-29T01:56:22+08:00

Echelon Cipher presents the first ever self design Digital NFT Watch Collection. Our project comes with a ready to go DApp where you can download for both iOS and Android, attach your Meta-Mask wallet which contains the watch token and load this digital watch. Time zone’s, date’s, watch skins, wallet-ticker, compass and other functions of the watch can be set from in-DApp after syncing with our CShox token. The DApp however comes with many savvy utility tools.

What happens if I’ve designed it and re-sell it on secondary markets? Can the new owner redesign to his/her liking?2022-06-29T01:55:46+08:00

NO. You may Level Up and design your CShox one time for free. Subsequent Level up and design will require you to have a Time Warp.

Why are there only 1 Genesis colors?2022-06-29T01:55:23+08:00

This project is a one of a kind NFT launch. Every Genesis piece that belongs to the respective owner will be entitled to one free design upload(we will handle after the upload) from the owner themselves. We will provide the design file and metrics for you to design/color on, you are allowed to sign one upload of your own meta-data design in our server. You call the design shot, You create your master-piece!

How many traits, designs & colors are there in the CShox Collection?2022-06-29T01:54:46+08:00

This collection will have 7 strap, 5 bezel, 5 button, 5 needle types and 10 crypto logo etches in total. The color of the watch will only available in “1” Genesis colors

How many watches will the CShox consist of?2022-06-29T01:54:31+08:00


How to Mint & Design CShox

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The art of time

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